Hidetoshi Sakamoto
Biographical Information
Kanji 坂本 英季
Romaji Sakamoto Hidetoshi
Age 41 (Family Complex)
42 (Princess Princess)
Family Nanami Sakamoto (wife)
Harumi Sakamoto (son)
Akira Sakamoto (son)
Fuyuki Sakamoto (daughter)
Natsuru Sakamoto (daughter)
Gender Male
Hair Dark Brown
Eyes Brown
Status Alive
Manga N/A
Anime Episode 6
Seiyū Shin-ichiro Miki
Live Action None
Hidetoshi Sakamoto (坂本 英季 Sakamoto Hidetoshi) is the husband of Nanami and the father of Harumi, Natsuru, Akira and Fuyuki. He looks about as old to be his children's brother, despite him really being 42 years old. He works as a technician.

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