Makoto Yutaka
Biographical Information
Kanji 豊 麻琴
Romaji Yutaka Makoto
Age Around 16-17
Family Mikoto Yutaka (younger brother)
Gender Fem Female
Hair Pink
Eyes Pink
Status Alive
Manga Unknown
Anime Episode 10
Seiyū Risa Hayamizu
Live Action None
Makoto Yutaka (豊 麻琴 Yutaka Makoto) is Mikoto's older sister and Megumi's best friend. She's also a supporting character of one of Mikiyo Tsuda's earlier series, The Day of Revolution.



Makoto in The Day of Revolution.

Like his brother, Makoto has pale pink hair and eyes, although in the anime series these characteristics were removed. Instead, she has very dark-pink hair and eyes, almost brunette.


Makoto has a different personality when compared to her brother. She is very forceful and never seems to back down, especially when the scenario involves Mikoto. Ironically, while Mikoto looks more feminine in appearance, Makoto looks more masculine.


  • Makoto and Megumi's characters are based on Tsuda himself and in Tsuda's best friend and fellow mangaka, Eiki Eiki.

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